Is broadband accessible?

Technology is advancing at a massive rate. We as a nation are using online services that are requiring ever more bandwidth, but we are not getting this from out ISP’s (Internet service providers) these are the companies that deliver you the Internet such as Sky or BT. All of these companies are making very bold statements about the download speeds that you will achieve if you elect them as your Internet service provider. The main problem with the claims that are made is that they say statements such as “you could achieve Internet speeds of up to 20 mb/second. Usually you will achieve nowhere near the stated speed. So when chosing an Internet service provider it is important not only to look at the maximum available speed but the average speed that the provider in question provides.

Broadband anywhere…?

Broadband has been around commercially for around seven years, there are however some places in the uk where people can still not get broadband. This is usually because they are in an area that has very old copper cables for a long distance between their home and the nearest exchange. Now thanks to the digital switchover, high speed Internet services may be able to be offered to people living in what were before broadband blind-spots. Since analogue tv switched over to digital there has been a section of wavelength of spectrum that has been freed up. This wave length will soon be used to offer 4G services to people. 4G is a super fast version of 3G, it has already been rolled out in many European countries with mixed success. The main problem in European countries is that the service has been offered at a very expensive rate per gigabyte of data, in addition there are very few handsets that support 4G connectivity. Therefore 4G will only be a success if the price of the service is low, and if leading manufacturers such as apple and HTC start to make 4G handsets.


Written by Jack Caulfield


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