Woolly Mammoth – A Thing of The Future?

Now what would your reaction be if someone told you that Jurassic Park wasn’t just some Hollywood movie? You’d probably walk and think they were talking nonsense. Since the film people throughout the world have dream of bringing extinct organisms back to life except the only problem for this is finding an intact sample of DNA from the species.

The hunt for prehistoric species DNA has currently been unsuccessful until recently with the discovery of perfectly preserved Mammoth bone marrow. However due to recent technological advantages, the idea of ‘resurrecting’ long extinct animals may actually become a possibility. Now were all familiar with the more recent cloning of dolly the sheep which was a success in 1996 by the Roslin institute and now Russian and Japanese scientists are trying to replicate this but for a Woolly Mammoth.

Last year in August 2011 an intact thigh bone was found was contained extremely well preserved bone marrow of that belonging to a Mammoth. Since then plans have been drawn up to attempt to clone the Woolly Mammoth. The Russian & Japan team from the University of Kinki and Siberian Mammoth museum say that they are planning to extract a nucleus and implant it into an African Elephant of suitable size to act as the surrogate.

The team say that the cloning process should be achieved within five years time and that much would be learned from carrying out the project. “If we create a mammoth, we will know much more about these animals, their history, and why they went extinct,” said Kazufumi Goto, head scientist at the Mammoth Creation Project.

However many mammoth experts scoff at the idea, calling it scientifically impossible and even morally irresponsible while other sources say the rate of success ranges from 1 – 5% and that finding a suitably sized surrogate would prove a challenge itself.



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