How Well Do You Know Your Best Friend?

We all know and love dogs. After all they are the man’s best friends. According to National Geographic, the first dog was tamed in china over 16,300 years ago and was with us ever since shaping our culture and way of life. This trusty companion worked for us in every possible way, be it rounding up sheep, killing mice, or even protecting us in difficult times. The question is how well do you know these wonderful, faithful and loyal creatures? I have researched many myths about dogs and present you with the answers.

1.Are Dogs Colourblind?

This is probably the biggest myth about dogs and the answer is NO. They see colours, however their chromatic acuity is much less than ours. This means they don’t recognise fine differences in similar colours. E.g red and orange may well be same colour for them. This is because dogs have fewer cone cells in their retina which are responsible for recognising colours. Also dogs are dichromatic and they see only two primary colours, while we are trichromatic seeing yellow, blue and red. While dogs don’t recognise colours as well as we do, the bottom line is that they are not colour blind.

2.Are Dogs Ticklish?

The answer is YES, they are as ticklish as we are. They just do not have a voice to tell you to stop! Tickling in fact appears to be induced by pain receptors. Many survival wise important parts of the body such as toes, neck or torso respond that way to unpredictable touch. The touch is not enough to cause pain that would make you move away from ‘threat’, so tickle feeling is induced in case of unexpected ‘danger’ just because these parts are so important to us. E.g feet are needed to run away from something. Dogs have developed similar response as they too, posses pain receptors. The idea seems to be supported by the fact that dogs also tend to have ticklish feet (hair between the ‘pads’) and sides of torso.

3.Do Dogs Dream?

YES they do! In fact animals possessing much simpler and less intelligent animals like rat also dream. If you are a lucky owner of the dog, you must have noticed that at some point during their sleep, dogs twitch, or even whine. At structural level, dog brain is very similar to human one and wave patterns during sleep are same to human ones. This proved that dogs dream as same wave pattern that shows human is dreaming is present in dog’s sleeping cycle. It is currently thought that while we can dream of some crazy and impossible scenarios, dogs can only dream about what happened in past. They can basically relive the moment as if it was recorded on tape.

4.Can Dogs Cry?

How well do I know her?

NO. While dogs do have emotions similar to ours, they cannot manifest them by crying. They whine, bark and use body language instead. In fact their tear ducts drain in their nose and that is why their noses are wet. Eyes may get watery at times, but that is due to small objects like sand grains irritating them. Currently there is no proven link between dog’s emotion and wetness of their nose.

Article written by: Hubert Bieluczyk


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