Evolution of Windows

Long before I was born and many of you young readers, the typical OS (Windows 7/Mac OSX) which we take for granted simply did not cease to exist. Instead users had to use something similar to that of CMD. Then in 1985 Bill Gates and Paul Allen announced their first and next generation graphical user interface. From the release of Windows 1.01 (1985) until the present day, Microsoft, have been leading the market with more than 1 Billion computers currently running a Windows based operating system.

Up until recently we have all been accustomed to loving and knowing the iconic start button on our Windows computers. However, in January 2011 Microsoft announced that it was releasing a new operating system – Windows 8. When this is released in October 2012, it will completely revolutionise the way in how we work. For one this OS is optimized to work on a touch device. It no longer has the generic desktop instead it has been replaced with a vibrant new UI (user interface) known as Windows Metro.

However, Windows 8 is now moving forward and away from the conventional keyboard and mouse and will be the world’s first full touch screen operating system. It has also been announced by Microsoft that new tablets known as ‘Surface’, will be releasing fall 2012, which will be fully functional tablets running a complete OS and has been dubbed a killer to the current iPad, which is currently the most popular tablet device.

Now with all this change, will users be apprehensive to buy or should be all embrace Microsoft’s futuristic new approach to how we go about our daily computing needs. In my opinion, I believe Windows 8 tablets will change the way will use computers forever and integrate computers into our everyday needs, by offering fast computing power on a super portable device which in time could even kill off competitors such as the iPad and even Ultra books.

Windows 8 Metro UI:


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