Guide to Blogging Part 1

Since blogging first started to become public around the mid nineties, it has become rapidly more popular. It is seen by some people as a key tool in the fabric of today’s society. In this blog I intend to outline the steps you will need to complete, and the decisions involved in the process of producing a blog.

First thing to think about is the type of blogging platform you want to use, the main two blogging platforms are “Blogger” and “WordPress”. The main difference that we have seen as a team between the two is that Blogger offers the ability of adding adverts to your site, and hence produce revenue from your site. However WordPress does not offer this ability. This is one of the main things that could influence your choice of platform. WordPress was the platform we chose to use as a team, as it has the facility to add multiple users to a blog, and hence makes it easier to collaborate. In addition the themes, and ability to alter the structure of the pages appealed to us.

For the rest of this series I will outline how to produce a fully functioning and integrated blog.


I found it very useful to create a new email account just for the use of the blog, as this allows you to make a clear distinction between private e-mail and blog related ones. (this is partly because when you subscribe to other blogs you will regularly receive updates from other blogs). I advise that this e-mail is similar to the site domain.


At this stage it is necessary to choose your website domain. It is very important that you chose a URL (web address) that is easy to remember. If it is too complicated then your users will forget it. As a rule of thumb you want to keep it is short as possible. It is also important to choose a name that sounds professional.

The username that you select in this step will be for you (the admin) only. I will show you later how to add further users to act as a collaboration. It is very important that you type your newly acquired email address correctly, as the WordPress team will send you an activation email.

Above is a table that shows the features you gain by taking out a premium account. the most notable thing is that you receive a “Domain”. this means that your site name does not end in ( this will make your site appear more professional.


Click either upgrade or Create Blog, and your blog will be created. Once this is done relax and await the second blog post on how to adjust the appearance of your site.

See you next time!

Written by Jack Caulfield


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